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Colorful Christmas Tree

It is that time of year! Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to pull out the decorations. I am excited to share with you my colorful tree as part of the Christmas Tree Blog Hop hosted by Stephanie from Casa Watkins Living. If you are coming from Stephanie's blog hello and welcome! Be sure to check out everyone sharing their trees on the blog hop at the bottom of this post.

It is no secret I love color. Color makes me happy. So it is absolutely no surprise that I would create a colorful Christmas tree. My favorite color is green, which just happens to prove to be the best color for a Christmas tree, right!? Colors "pop" on green, but green can also soften or subdue a bright pink, yellow and orange.

For this year's tree I decided to use what I had on hand. I won't lie, it is a struggle not to go buy new things every year. BUT... a bigger part of me wants to reduce spending and the need for stuff. So, this year, this tree is all about using what I have.

Every year we put the tree in our Living Room. No matter the season or year, color is a constant in this space. Green, blue, pink, red with pops of yellow and orange are my go to colors. My walls are filled with colorful art, my sofa has a myriad of colorful pillows and my rug has no less than 8 different colors woven into it. So when I say "I love color", it is more like "give me ALL the color".

Last year I made "bundles" of ornaments. I wired together 5 ball ornaments and attached them to multicolored bows. They were so fun and whimsical they were a must use for this year.

Several years ago at my local craft store I found green glittered holly picks with red balls. They have been one of my most favorite things to stick in the tree. I also used several different types of faux pine, spruce and cypress picks to give the tree more dimension and a real feel.

I love a really textured tree that is overstuffed. I used picks with chartreuse leaves, blue berries, and red velvet berries. The fininshing touch were blue and white ball ornaments. I only had a few to work with, so I waited till the very end to strategically place them throughout.

There you have it, our Colorful Christmas Tree. I hope it inspires you to add whatever color you love on your tree this Christmas season. I am positive it will be beautiful!

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1 Comment

Veronica Anderson
Nov 20, 2023

The ribbon and blueberries cinches the deal for me! YAY Color! 💛🧡🩵❤️

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