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Happy 2023

Happy New Year! Yes, it is February and I am a bit behind on the "Happy New Years". I also have been behind on my blog posts. I have decided my New Year resolution is to write more. The goal is to write 2 blog posts a month. With that said, here goes the first post of the New Year and the month of February. February is starting off with a bang. I hosted a wedding shower for my baby sister at the beginning of the month. She is getting married next month and I could not be happier for her.

Isn't she going to make the most beautiful bride?

I decided the shower should be in hues of pink. Because when else can you have a party full of pink? This was the perfect excuse! I created an inviting entrance for when the guests arrived with a balloon garland, flower pots filled with boxwood and tulle and rose wreaths adorned the doors.

I love flowers and am happy for any reason to purchase them. I wanted the shower to be feminine, whimsical and beautiful. I decided the centerpiece would be a lovely tabletop garden created with oasis foam and lots of flowers.

This was such a fun piece to create. I will definitely be doing this again. It feels like a mini garden right on your table!

With my leftover flowers I created another centerpiece for the dining room. The vase I found at a thrift store a year ago. It had been begging for a massive floral arrangement. It definitely delivered!

Flowers are simply marvelous, are they not? My dream job would be a floral designer. Or maybe a party planner. I do love all aspects of an event.

Moving on to where the lovely bride to be opened her presents. I found this french couch at an estate sale last summer. It is the perfect seat to be framed in balloons and open presents.

Balloon garlands are so festive. Bonus they are pretty easy to construct. (Maybe that will be a future blog post). You can find almost any color balloon and size on Amazon. I like to group the same colors together. You can construct your entire garland, then attach the smaller balloons with glue dots. I love the little balloon clusters!

Lastly, the food! We had grilled chicken on top of spring mix salad with berries and candied pecans. An amazing charcuterie board, with all the things. Plus sugar cookies, death by chocolate brownies, white chocolate covered strawberries and a 3 tiered cake.

The bottom layer was strawberry cake with chocolate ganache filling and the two upper tiers were coconut cake with coconut filling.

I made all the desserts myself. A few years back I became slightly obsessed with creating pretty cookies and cakes. It is a fun skill, that fulfills my artistic and sweet tooth sides!

That wraps up the pretty in pink bridal shower. Hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration for your next party!

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Oct 19, 2023

You are so talented and my go to for inspiration!!!


Bettsi Ledesma
Bettsi Ledesma
Feb 15, 2023

How lovely! Those desserts look amazing- I am so impressed!

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