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Bedroom Refresh with Annie Selke

Every so often a room needs a bit of a makeover or a "refresh". The decor has gotten a bit stale, or maybe it's a different season, or maybe you just need a change. Whatever the reason, there is no time like the present to do something different in your space.

One of my favorite brands is Annie Selke. Annie's philosophy is: "Your home should make you happy, because life’s moments – big and small – happen there”. She believes that rooms are for living. Annie Selke is fresh, fun and has EVERYTHING to fully transform a space. I have been wanting to update my bedding for a while and Annie Selke has the goods!

As you know, I love color. Certain aspects of my room I love and want to keep. I love my bed, (my husband custom made the headboard for me). I love my colorful rose art prints and my floral wallpaper. When I began searching the Annie Selke site, I chose items I thought would best shine with my current favorites.

Annie Selke’s latest collaboration is with Kit Kemp. She is Creative Director and co-owner of Firmdale Hotels. She is seriously one of my favorite designers. Her rooms are amazing. She creates scale and balance with colors and patterns. So of course, I was drawn to her collection. I chose the Arrows Linen Pink/Natural Embroidered Decorative Pillows to give that pop of color I love on the bed.

The bedspread and matching euro shams I picked out are an Annie Selke best seller. I can tell you after having it on our bed for over a month I totally understand why. The Lush Linen Ivory Puff is described as the magical, new "One-derful and Done" bedding solution on their website. Annie Selke says, "One puffy-fluff shake in the morning and the bed is magically made". This fabulous bedspread is oversized, and has soft stonewashed linen. It comes in a variety of colors along with matching euro, standard or king shams to match. I love to not "make" my bed. I love the casual fall into bed any moment look. This achieves that look so well.

Lush Linen Ivory bedding by Annie Selke

I paired the lovely Ivory Puff with the Pilar Stipe Blanket. The stripes are colors of orange, blue, red, pink, turquoise and chartreuse. It ties all the colors of my room together from the wall art to the wallpaper. This blanket is the perfect top of the bed blanket to level up your color and design. To be extra special a throw blanket on top is a must (the dogs love something to curl into). The Cozumel navy throw is perfect for bed, beach or couch.

Pilar Stripe Blanket & Cozumel Navy Throw

The last BIG "change, update or refresh" of the room was a NEW RUG! A good rug is a game changer. We have a pretty boring golden tan carpet. Annie Selke has some of my most favorite rugs on the internet. That is why I fell in love with this brand to begin with. Years ago I saw someone post an Annie Selke rug and I wanted it. The designs are always current and fresh. The rug I chose for our bedroom is epic. My hubby loves it, the kids love it and of course the dogs. It is SO SOFT to walk with bare feet on. The kiddos come and lay on the floor now in our bedroom to watch TV. Our rug is the Massena Blue Hand Knotted rug.

Massena Blue Hand Knotted Rug by Annie Selke

This rug is a lush and plush treat for the feet. It is hand knotted and all wool. Not only is it beautiful it will last forever. Can you tell Ziggy is a fan? He's actually a fan of all of it and so am I. You can find the links to all items below.

*All items gifted by Annie Selke

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4 commenti

23 mar 2023

I would love to know where you sourced the mille fleur posters? I've been looking and can't find them anywhere! Thank you!

Mi piace

Robin Steurer Alley
Robin Steurer Alley
11 lug 2022

Everything is beautiful! Where are your rose prints and needlework above the bed from? Just gorgeous.

Mi piace
Courtney Vandenham
Courtney Vandenham
22 lug 2022
Risposta a

Just going to ask the same! The whole room is lovely and have the Pilar Stripe on order !❤️

Mi piace

11 lug 2022

As usual, I love all your additions.

Mi piace
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