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2021 Design Trends

What will they be? What will I embrace? Hmm...

I was recently presented with the question: What home trend do you think will be big in 2021?

(See blog post here by Stray Dog Designs).

My initial INSIDE thoughts shouted, “COLOR and CHAOS”! (My house is very colorful and 4 kids create a fair share of chaos. Especially being home full time since the spring, thanks Covid).

I shared this thought with a longtime friend and her response was, “Because real life IS chaos and color makes life BEAUTIFUL”. Which I thought was a very beautiful sentiment, a colorful anecdote if you will. However... let’s get real, “chaotic color, or colorful chaos” is definitely not going to be a trend. (Insert laughing emoji here).

So in all seriousness, home trends of 2021.

I am sure there will be a few. My trend, my personal self proclaimed trend is: ORIGINALITY. Originality is the home trend I think we will see more of in 2021. I think homeowners are ready to color outside the lines. We no longer feel the need to play it safe with farmhouse white or modern greige. We are longing for vivid colors, beautiful patterns and unique home artisanal pieces.

2020 kept us inside our homes like no other year. It gave us time to think about what surrounds us and the impact it has on our mood and emotions. Your home is your haven, and it should reflect your individuality. Your aesthetic should be personal to you and what you love. Your imagination can correlate with the the art on your wall, the wallpaper you choose or that whimsical light fixture you hang in your dining room.

Original design is what I think and hope we see more of in 2021. So go ahead be bold, paint that piece of furniture, wallpaper that wall, and do whatever makes you happy in your home.

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