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BATH TUB Love (ORC space)

Happy Weekend friends. Yesterday was officially reveal day for the One Room Challenge. THANKFULLY, the ORC has extended the deadline till 11/29. So I am waiting, hoping and praying my vanity lights come in, so I can include them in my FINAL REVEAL. So this week, I want to talk about what we chose for a bath tub. I am so EXCITED to share this very important part of the bathroom renovation.

First things first, I love a bath. A tub is a non negotiable for me in the bathroom. A tub is a must for washing children and dogs. A tub is welcome respite after a long day for aching bones. When I have a migraine headache, my go to is lavender essential oil in a warm bath. The only place I can hide away and read a book, without interruptions from kiddos, you guessed it: the bath. It is my personal place of retreat from chaos. The list could go on and on and on.

Now that we have established the need for the tub, lets talk. Bath tubs, there are so many. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. You can choose from a drop in, alcove, clawfoot, and freestanding. Our existing bathroom had a good old fashioned alcove tub. It worked well for 50 plus years in our home. However, I was ready for an upgrade. Immediately, I knew I wanted a free standing tub. I wanted to get rid of the shower and need for a shower curtain. (Don't worry, we have 2 other showers in the house for the shower takers).

I wanted to "open" up our space, without removing any walls. A freestanding tub does this, plus adds a modern design element. I searched on the internet, looked all over Pinterest, and Instagram for the perfect tub. I realized pretty quickly that I wanted a black tub. I found the perfect one at Signature Hardware. Its called the Eden Black Acrylic Freestanding tub. It has a shiny black exterior, and white interior. It fits PERFECTLY into the space and design.

Now, onto the tub faucet. This is super important. Pick the wrong one, and it could take forever to fill the tub with water, or even wobble when pulled on by over zealous kiddos. Since I am keeping my existing sink faucet, my choices were narrowed down. I needed black, or a dark bronze tub filler. Once again, Signature Hardware had what I needed.

I chose the Hibiscus Freestanding Tub Faucet. It had glowing reviews! Its made of solid brass, and built to last. It is simple, with clean lines and has a time less modern look.

For the install: we ripped out the existing tub and tile. We opted for Board and Batten walls covered in special sauna paint. (Since we chose to go with an untiled wall around the tub, we wanted a paint that was made for high humidity and was mildew resistant). My super handy husband, then installed the tub and faucet. I am sparing all the details on how to do this. It was a straightforward typical tub install and he finished up a few days ago. I have been in bath time bliss ever since!


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Nov 15, 2020

Wow.. this is absolutely gorgeous.. i love the wallpaper with the tub..!!


Courtney Wafzig
Courtney Wafzig
Nov 14, 2020

Thank you so much!


Nov 14, 2020

Love love everything you’ve done! It looks amazing!

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