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Bathroom Transformation with Wallpaper and Paint

One room, one weekend, one transformation.

I’ve said it before, “I love wallpaper”. With a few rolls of wallpaper you can transform a room. A space can go from “blah” to “oh so cute”!

My parents have talked about getting a lake house for years. That dream became a reality last fall when my Dad retired. Room by room they have been transforming their cottage on the lake. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of giving one of the bathrooms a makeover. I had a vision for the very beige and boring bathroom. It included wallpaper and color. Two of my all time favorite things!

The wallpaper I chose was Joy De Vie in blue. One day while searching online I saw it and loved it immediately. I have just been waiting for a space to use it. The cottage on the lake seemed to be the perfect spot!

It comes in several different color ways. All of them gorgeous, but the blue being the perfect choice for this room. A-Street Prints partnered with me and gifted me the wallpaper for the makeover.

Once I had the paper in my possession it was time to decide the paint color for the vanity. I pulled out my Amy Howard paint chart and chose a few contenders. I decided on my new favorite color: Good Day Sunshine. I just love that name, don’t you?

I love Amy Howard paint because it’s so simple to use. Plus, it’s incredibly durable. That is why it’s my go to paint for projects. Wipe your surface clean, lightly sand and paint away. I gave it 2 coats, then sealed it with Amy Howard’s matte sealer.

I found new hardware and a faucet for the vanity at Lowe’s, the shower curtain from the At Home Store, and the faux bamboo mirror was thrifted. The sconces came from my sister (she purchased for a bathroom remodel and ended up not using). The rattan shades, are the icing on the cake. They were purchased from the Ballard Design outlet store.

There you have it: one bathroom completely transformed in less that 48 hours. What do you think? I think wallpaper and paint are magic, don't you?


paint: Amy Howard (gifted)

Disclaimer: If purchased thru this link I do receive a very small compensation from @amyhowardhome

shower curtain: At Home Store

sconces: Pottery Barn

shades: Ballard Designs

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Aug 23, 2021

Hi. I love it! What color did you use on the vanity? I would like to get some!!

Courtney Wafzig
Courtney Wafzig
Aug 23, 2021
Replying to

I used Good Day Sunshine! It’s tagged in the post;).


Jun 02, 2021

Gorgeous! I love it.

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