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Bedroom Makeover (Boy edition)

My youngest, never sleeps in his room. I loved his room (below), it was so sweet. He said he didn’t like the bears. 🤣

He felt he needed something different. Lucky for him, he has a mom and dad that like to redo rooms. So we decided to give his room a makeover a few weeks ago. We wanted to get him motivated to spend some more time (night time to be exact) in his own space.

If you follow me, you know I have a slight obsession with using wallpaper. Since this is a 6 year old boys room I wanted to do something interesting but different. I found this amazing wallpaper and decided to cut it along the pattern. That way it gives the appearance of mountains and doesn’t overwhelm the space with pattern. It is also blue. The kiddos favorite color is blue. He wants to wear blue, have blue toys, blue shoes, you get the idea… wants everything to be blue.

The bed we already had. My husband built it a few years ago from a sketch I drew. It’s super strong and sturdy. I’ve walked in on a kiddo hanging from the top rail several times. Thank goodness for a hubby that can build things to survive boys.

I purchased all bedding on a budget from Target. The super cute throw on the end of the bed and the lumbar pillow I found at Homegoods.

On the other side of the room we installed a rock climbing wall and a rope swing. Every little boy wants that in their room, right!? Let me tell you mine loves it! He wears himself out climbing and jumping down. Perfect for the cold winter days and being stuck in the house.

I threw down a cowhide rug, some bean bags, threw an upside down christmas tree in (for that outdoorsy effect😉), and voila we were done with the room! I’m still adding a few things here and there as I find them. I like rooms to evolve, so no rush. For him, it’s completed and he’s totally having fun.

This little guy loves his new room and I love him.


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