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Colorful, Whimsical and Eclectic Christmas Tree

Hello and Happy Holidays! If you’ve landed here via Amber Oliver's blog, welcome to my home! I was so excited to be invited by Stephanie Watkins to be a part of this years Welcome to My Home Style blog hop: Christmas Tree Edition . This is the 7th annual year that Stephanie has hosted this hop. Seven years of amazing trees and this year they are stunning! So many unique and fun trees.

So…lets get on with it, shall we?! I know you are here for my Christmas tree!

I called my tree “colorful, whimsical and eclectic”. The more I look at it maybe it should have been called Colorful Chinoiserie Christmas tree. I didn’t realize how much chinoiserie influenced the tree till I started writing about it. In case you are unfamiliar, chinoiserie is a French word that refers to a European artistic style that reflects Chinese influence. It became popular in the 17th century and is still going strong today. Ginger jars, blue and white porcelain, pagodas, and laquered furniture, yes please!

My inspiration for the tree was based off my love of color. I do love color so very much. It makes me smile. Some people say "less is more" not me. I am a "more is definitely more" type of gal. I have lots of blues, greens, pinks, yellow and orange in the room already. So it seemed a perfect fit to incorporate those colors onto the tree. I also collect blue and white. When I was gifted these amazing little ginger jar ornaments a few months ago I was so excited! They look like miniature versions of the real thing.

In addition to these, I also used ornaments I previously had. Varying sizes of green, red and copper balls, flower ornaments, vintage blue pine cones and some lovely blue and white chinoiserie balls from a local shop. I also managed to find some red and green balls that look lacquered. I originally wanted to spray paint some ball ornaments in a glossy paint to give this appearance. However, with time constraints I was pleased to find just what I was looking for at Target!

Besides ornaments, I love to use floral sticks or picks you find in stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. You just shove them in the tree between the branches and they create great texture and interest.

I found some amazing blue velvet covered balls and pine sticks with red glittery berries. Ribbon in a tree is also a must for me. My favorite to use is a mix of dupioni silk ribbon. It has a wire edge and I love how you can twist and turn it in a way to create movement in the tree.

To add an extra touch of whimsy, I included these larger than life glittery holly leaves and berries. I also have some glittery gold butterflies flying about the tree. If you have been following me for a while you know I have a thing for butterflies. In my opinion my tree would not be complete without my signature monarch.

I have forgone a tree skirt for years now. I place the tree in the kids old toy bucket. A big old painted blue barrel. Since, it is not December yet, and I have not one present wrapped under the tree, I decided to surround the tree with some of my collection of ginger jars, temple jars and vases. Will this stay like this till December 25? Most definitely not. However, for right now, I'm loving the effect.

That wraps up my tree tour. Before you leave I would love to hear your questions or thoughts down in the comments. Thanks so much for stopping by and don't forget to check out all the other blogs and their Christmas trees. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!


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