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Creative Snow Day

Hello friends! It is cold in Kentucky, outside there is snow and ice. For that reason I am staying inside. Being inside (like I am), I am staring at things. Things... meaning decor or spaces that I’m not happy with. Today, it is my dining area. My dining room is going thru a transition. I recently changed out the chairs and before that, the China cabinet. I love my new acquisitions however... it’s not all “pulled together“ yet. I’m searching for the perfect wallpaper or art to grace the walls. Until that happens, I was trying to think of a quick fix... Something to add whimsy and a pop of color. All the while not leaving my house. Kinda tough.

So, I was thinking...I have art supplies and tons of fallen branches. Yes, that’s my solution branches and paper. I’m not kidding, paper leaves on branches to be exact. Kind of like a 3 dimensional chinoiserie panel, (if only I had some little birds to perch on the branches).

A few months ago I stumbled upon these most amazing paper begonias. So my idea was sparked by that. I am not attempting the magnificent begonia from this shop, but I am making my own paper tree branches.

All you need is construction paper, paint, scissors, branches, hot glue and a pretty container. I cut a stack of various size leaves, folded and creased and brushed paint on the edges.

After the leaves dried, I then hot glued them onto the branches.

I then placed my branches into vases. Thats it, project finished. Winter day, ful of whimsy and creativeness.

Now off to search the internet for some wallpaper!

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