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Fabulous Colorful Pillows

Tuesday friends! It’s gloomy outside and I have no desire to go anywhere. These type of days I love to move stuff and be creative. I love to rearrange furniture, move pillows into different rooms, even move artwork. Today I am blessed to have a box of beautiful pillows at my disposal to play around with. I received them last week shipped all the way from Turkey. They are little squares of art, made from vintage rugs from the 1950-1970s. The artisan cuts, cleans and sews them into wonderful accent pillows for your home. I was gifted 2 kilim pillows from my mom about 11 years ago (see pic below). I still have them on my couch. They wear like iron, they have survived 4 kids, 3 dogs and 2 parents.

These 2 started my obsession. Since then my collection has grown. Last year I decided I would start sharing my love for these pillows to other people. You can shop these beauties on my “shop” page. They make the most fabulous addition to any room.

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