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Fall Pumpkin DIY

It is September! That means we can start decorating for Fall. Pumpkins are my go to autumn decor item. A pumpkin can take you the beginning of September to Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving. I love to get these paper mache pumpkins. You can find them in abundance in September, pick them up from Hobby Lobby or any craft store really. They are the perfect canvas for something creative!

I recently purchased a new product from Amy Howard Home. It’s called Copy Cat.

It’s the coolest product. Copycat easily transfers any image onto your chosen surface. In my case a pumpkin. Simply print out any design or image from an inkjet printer. I used some butterflies, moths and birds I downloaded from Biodiversity Heritage Library. (FYI if you have never browsed this site you should).

How do you make these easy DIY pumpkins you ask? First step: Paint. I choose yellow, orange and ivory acrylic paint. Paint then let dry.

Second step: Print your image, cut it out.

Third step: Using a paint brush, paint Copy Cat onto your surface and onto your image. Place image face down on the surface and smooth out. Let dry.

Fourth step: Using a wet soft cloth (old tshirt) begin rubbing/buffing away the paper to reveal your image. ( Magic! It reminds me of those fake tattoos my kids get. The image transfers awesome. Just like a fake tattoo).🤣

Fifth step: Finish off with a varnish.

That is it, all finished! I did go back and paint the stems a dark brown. Just a little finishing touch. So there you have it, a super easy DIY that can be done in an afternoon. Now go find the perfect place to showcase your pumpkin art. Happy Fall Y’all!

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