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How to paint a floor....

Updated: May 1, 2020

My house was built in the 60s. Not exactly the decade of beauty for architecture in the suburbs. I'm in love with old houses, tall ceilings, pretty wood floors, and years of aged beauty. So long story short, I'm in constant search of how to make my home better. I love the painted floors in old houses of Europe. They are colorful, functional and basically make an old space new. SO.... Easter weekend, since we could not go anywhere because of current world situations (ahem Covid-19) my husband agreed to tackle a home project with me. Paint the floors! YAY!

I'll make this super simple and quick. First we sanded the floors, then cleaned and vacummed them really well. Next we painted the entire floor a light blue with Annie Sloan Chalk paint. Then we took a break and let them dry over night. 3rd, this was the hard part. My husband taped off the squares (because I wanted a checkerboard pattern on the diagonal). I won't even pretend I was involved in this process. I was not. My mind does not work that way. Next we painted alternating squares a cream color. When this dried, we removed the painters tape. Since, we have 4 kids and 3 dogs, we decided we should go with a distressed look. So once again, we sanded the floors. After sanding we finished with a water based poly for our top coat. Voila! Finished

For those inquiring minds that want to know: Annie Sloan colors used for blue squares 1:1 mixture of Svenska and Pure, and for the ivory squares Original.

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1 Comment

Apr 24

I LOVE it SOOOO much ---- Im in the process of a FULL reno now and i dont want check tile

dont have wood but want the warm cottage check feel like urs.

Well done hubs 😍 Its Perfect 😍

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