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Just Paint It

I am writing today to say, PAINT it. It’s okay. You can do it. That piece of furniture you are too intimidated to take on, because you’ve never tried before. The antique piece your mother would be horrified if you paint. The piece you are just not sure if you should change the color. I say do it! If you regret it, just paint it another color or strip it and refinish. It’s not set in stone.

Have I ever made a mistake? Painted something I regretted? Hmmm... I don’t think so. Nope, definitely not. I think paint can breathe new life into old furniture. Some folks don’t agree. That’s okay, I can appreciate that. The antique pine dresser beside my bed I will never paint. I love the color and patina. Somethings are perfect as they are. It is up to your discretion and personal taste.

Take for example, these chairs I recently thrifted.

They are undesirable in their current condition, but painted thats another story. A quick go over with sand paper, 2 coats of chalk paint and a coat of wax. Viola! The chair has been transformed. (Okay the fabric helps a bit too).

Seriously though, cute chairs! Here are a few other before and afters.

I love how the blue highlights the carved details.

The next transformation is one of my favorite!

This is a vintage Habersham mirror from the 90s. It has great bones, but boy was it dated.

I think the sunny yellow transforms the mirror to a new piece entirely. Don’t you?

The last before and after is of my sideboard. I agree it was beautiful in its natural state. However for me, in my home, it was to heavy, to dark. I’m so glad I finally did what I wanted to do a year ago when I purchased it. Painted it!

So there you have it. My two cents for a Wednesday morning. If you want to paint something, go for it!

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Sharon Van Den Houten
Sharon Van Den Houten

Do you share the paint colors you used. It would be so helpful if you could list them. If you did I am sorry, I couldn't find them.


especially the blue hutch color 😍😍 stunning

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