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My Favorite Chairs

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I'm going to be honest. I’m not one to usually copy another’s style. Yes, I am INSPIRED by others, and INFLUENCED by other designers. However, I usually don’t set out to copy someone else. With that said, my Mom always said “imitation is the highest form of flattery”. I totally agree. So I’ve been searching yard sales, thrift stores, Facebook marketplace ever since I saw Jennifer Griffins ( amazing chairs in her dining room .

(Back Story) Probably 3 years ago I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration. I came across (this picture) of the most vibrant, colorful, cheerful room with the most charming end chairs. I pinned the image, and immediately made a mental note, I need chairs like that! Aren't Jennifer's chairs fabulous!?

Fast forward a few weeks ago and right there on Facebook Marketplace were my dream chairs.

Well, not my dream chairs in their current condition. However, 2 chairs that had lots of potential! Plus they were only $35 each! I quickly sent my husband to go purchase. When he brought them home, I knew exactly were I would put them; the living room.

At first I considered painting the wood a bright royal blue. However, a good friend suggested I strip the finish off. I loved that idea immediately!

Armed with lacquer thinner and a stiff brush the dark stain was removed to reveal a gorgeous raw color underneath. I rubbed on a matte poly to seal.

I just love seeing the chairs side by side, and how 1 thing can make such a difference. Now on to the fun part. Fabrics! I chose indigo and cream ikat by Lacefield Designs for the front and seat of the chair. Then for the back I chose one of my favorite fabrics ever Secret Garden by Vervain. Its this gorgeous floral that I have been wanting to use for ever. Yay! I finally found the perfect spot!

I would love to say that I did this entire project, but my husband most definitely took over. He is much more of a perfectionist than I. We literally just deconstructed the chairs and used the existing material for the pattern. The original chairs did have buttons tucks, I decided against this design feature going forward to give them a more updated look. Plus, how great of a team do we make??! I start the project he finishes it. (Seriously he is the best).

It took only 6 yards total to complete both chairs and about $265 in materials. Not bad to have 2 gorgeous fun chairs completed for under $350!

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I love the fabric choices on your chairs. I just reupholstered an identical chair and a similar chair with a separate seat cushion. Probably not the best first reupholstering project. I reused the foam cushion (I did plug the button holes with batting) and wrapped the foam with 2-3” of wool batting but it doesn’t look nearly as full as your cushion. How did you fill the cushion to make it so full? I dread redoing the seat but think I have to.



I've love Jennifer's chairs since I saw them but now I love yours more! Great job 👌



I LOVE the abstract painting behind the chairs in the last pic. Do you have a photo of just the paining?

Courtney Wafzig
Courtney Wafzig

Thank you!



I, too, have lusted after Jennifer’s chairs! I love what you did with yours. They look amazing.

Courtney Wafzig
Courtney Wafzig

Thanks so much!

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