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New Chairs, Let’s Celebrate!

It’s a celebration! I’ve finished my Dining Room chairs! (Okay, not really. It was my daughter’s birthday and the balloons proved to be the loveliest of backdrops for my chair reveal).

These chairs were an awesome find several months ago on Facebook Marketplace. I loved the shape of them the moment I brought them home. I had been hoarding some special fabric I purchased last year. These chairs proved to be the perfect project.

Then, to my pleasant surprise Velvet Finishes Paint reached out to me. They most generously gifted me this paint. I think the stars aligned; chairs, fabric and paint. Total perfection for some thrifted dining room chairs!

Let me tell you about Velvet Finishes Furniture Paint. It’s awesome. I usually am a chalk paint gal. This paint has changed my mind. It goes on beautifully, and has the most lovely finish.

Quick info about Velvet Finishes Paint: it is a specially formulated, low VOC and non-toxic, latex, water based paint. This is a NO SAND, NO WAX, NO BRUSHSTROKES paint formula. Say what? Yep, you read that right. Just spritz READY (this is a spray to prepare the surface for painting).

Wipe down then proceed to COLOUR (paint). COLOUR comes with a built in primer and top coat.

Isn’t this the creamiest, prettiest yellow? It’s called Gilded, it’s a bit bolder out of the container. Which I love even more. I painted two coats of this gorgeous color, let dry, then lightly sanded. I like a subtle distressed look. To finish, I brushed on a coat of PROTECT. This is just a little extra layer of protection.

I let everything dry overnight, then the next day my hubby started reupholstering the seats. I paint, he reupholsters. (I think I got the easier job). But, that’s a post for another day!

Happy Painting!

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1 comentario

10 feb 2021

Beautiful!! I love the color. I was wondering if you liked the velvet finishes better than Amy Howard Home. I am going to paint a stained dresser for my daughter’s nursery. I’ve used chalk paint and fusion mineral paint in the past. Thank you for your input. Belle Brooks

Me gusta
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