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One Room Challenge: Fall 2020

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

It’s that time of year again! One Room Challenge time! If you are new here...

I’m Courtney, wife, mom and self proclaimed color enthusiast. I’m so glad you have found my blog and Instagram!

In the spring I completed my first ever ORC and it was so fun (plus a welcome distraction to Covid-19). My husband and I gave our kitchen a makeover on a BUDGET and that is exactly what I’m planning on doing with my bathroom! Times are tough during Covid and I’m all about using what you have, getting your hands dirty and doing it yourself. (Alright in total transparency my husband, my better half actually does the hard stuff). Husbands are great, are they not?

So here it is. My current bathroom is very brown and boring. It literally is the opposite of everything I have in the rest of the house. It has some good bones though, the tile is original, good condition and pretty timeless. My husband built the vanity a few years ago. It was a quick fix to bad problem. It just needs a pop of color and some detail. The walls, the lights, and the shower curtain... are all up for improvement.

If you already follow me, you know I love bold colors and pattern. So stay tuned, each Thursday I will be updating our progress until the final transformation (reveal).

Be sure to check out the other guest participants here! I know they have some amazing things planned!

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