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One Room Challenge: Week 3 (Tile Love)

It is WEEK 3 of the One Room Challenge! It seems like it was just last week that I was revealing my plans for our bathroom. Now we are already on week 3! Time flies when you are on a deadline.

In last’s week post I hinted at a surprise. Can you guess what it is??

Tile! New tile! Here it is, in all it’s adorableness. I have partnered with The Tile Shop and now have the pleasure of using THIS tile in our bathroom. It is called Cloth Black and White Porcelain tile ,could it be any more perfect? I think not. It is absolutely what I had dreamed of when I originally was creating the plan for our bathroom. However, it was not in the budget. I had previously said that we were going to keep our original 1960’s ivory tile (and get a buffalo check rug runner). This is beyond words so much better.

We picked up the boxes this week and my husband has not wasted a moment prepping the bathroom. He’s the guy that gets it done! From tearing down to building up, he's my one and only worker. I am forever grateful and thankful for this human. Did you notice? No more window to the garage? Yippee!

I’ll be sharing more on Instagram stories thru the week as he begins the process of tiling, and grouting. Meanwhile, I will be painting and finishing the vanity. My hubby moved it to the perfect location for me to work on; my art room, aka the sun room. I think... I have narrowed down the perfect shade of yellow to go with the butterfly wallpaper and black and white tile.

You can let me know in a few short weeks if I’ve made the right decision 😉.

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