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One Room Challenge: Week 4 Open Shelves

Happy Thursday friends! Today is the 4th week of the One Room Challenge. Time is flying by! Only several weeks left, and while I’ve gotten lots done, there is still much more to complete. This week we finished my open shelves in the kitchen. Spoiler alert: this post is going to be super quick and short. I've got floor projects happening and kids in a blow up pool. Lots of things that acquire my attention today. So here is my super speedy week 4 recap. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know my kitchen already has some open shelving.

I love to collect blue and white so this provides a perfect space to display my collection. We decided to remove the existing hutch that was parked at the end of the counter. It was cute, but never really flowed, it always felt disconnected. We purchased a cabinet base from Restore, extended the new butcher block counter top and installed another set of open shelves. Now not only do I have more space to display my collection, my new wallpaper is also the backdrop. Which in my opinion makes the space!

The shelves are simple. We purchased 2x12 pine from Lowes. We cut, sanded, stained then installed with support brackets I purchased from Amazon. That's it for week 4! I'm off to help the hubby sand some floors and check on some kiddos!

Don't forget to follow the other Participants of the One Room Challenge. You can go check out their amazing makeovers here.

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