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One Room Challenge: WEEK 5 Holey Moley!

Week 5! How can this be? We are almost at the finish line and time has flown by. I love THIS challenge because it gives me a deadline and the project has to be completed. I need that type of structure in my life. Last weeks post talked about the floor and my super adorable tile. We had not finished it last week, but now it’s done! Yay!!

That was a major accomplishment. I could not have asked for a better tile to compliment my design. (Added bonus The Tile Shop is a dream to work with). So now that is finished, we can check that off the to-do list, on to the next task. As I am typing this, my husband is finishing up the board and batten walls that go below the wallpaper.

It is definitely a work in progress. Can you tell I am still deciding on paint colors? I’ve narrowed it down to 4 shades of white. Who knew white could be so hard to decide on?! I think I’ve chosen a winner, but I’ll wait until next week to reveal. In the meantime, let’s talk vanity and mirror. We are reusing our existing vanity. My husband built it a few years ago, and it’s a great piece. So to give it an update, and color it with fun, I am painting it a sunny yellow and adding a few trim pieces. Just a visual reminder, here is the before:

A very BROWN vanity and mirror. The existing mirror I removed. Last week I was lucky enough to find this fantastic vintage Habersham mirror from a local barn sale for a whomping $68! Can you believe it? Talk about a major thrifted score.

Obviously, a Habersham mirror is gorgeous. They are known for their finishes, but this one was stuck in the 90's and did not go with my design scheme. So a paint makeover was a must. I had no idea I would love yellow so much, but “Holey Moley”, it’s fabulous. (That’s also the name of the paint color). Now, for the special part: the middle panel I painted a butterfly to coordinate with the wallpaper.

All along I wanted something unique and whimsical for the mirror. This removable panel allowed for the perfect opportunity to customize this piece specifically for the space.

To say I love how it turned out would be an understatement. Its like that extra coat of mascara you put on your eyes to make them really pop. This is what the mirror has done for the bathroom. Its just a little extra, but really makes everything pop.

After we get the walls finished (hopefully today), onto plumbing. I can't wait to install the tub, the glorious tub. Details next week about that. You are going to love it!

Don‘t forget to stop by the ORC and check out all the other partcipants week 5 posts. They are coming along brilliantly!


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3 comentários

01 de set. de 2021

Hi - can you tell me how far apart you spaced your battens on the wall and what size trim you used on the top? Thanks- roe squire


Courtney Wafzig
Courtney Wafzig
05 de nov. de 2020

Thank you Jennifer! I was giddy when I saw it posted! It fit just perfect!


05 de nov. de 2020

Holey Moley is right! Not only is that mirror an amazing addition to your vanity, but I can't believe it was EXACTLY the right width! Providential for sure! And your floor.... I love the modern twist on the gingham pattern. This bathroom is SO FUN!!

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