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One Room Challenge: Week 6

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Work in progress...

Welcome to week 6 of One Room Challenge. This week there are no “pretty photos”. The center of my house is in an upheaval. Finally we have a wall where my husband removed our existing pantry and opened up the walk through space from kitchen to foyer.

Now onto doors and floors!

The kitchen seems so much more spacious now with the wall removed. It’s a combined space; walkway, living room and kitchen. Now we can see all the way to the stairs. It has made such a difference! This weekend we are going to focus on painting the floors, yes you heard that right. I have decided to paint all the floors with Annie Sloan paint. (We did this in the family room and I loved the outcome). My husband has already began sanding the floors in preparation. While he is finishing this task I will be finishing our island. Our island has gone from being mismatched cabinet pieces from ReStore to a great center island. Purchasing from ReStore was a fantastic way economically to get some really good cabinet pieces. When we first moved in, we constructed the island from 2 bases and 4 legs. It was painted black, then ivory. With the kitchen redo we decided to turn it, extend it and paint it green (my new favorite color 😉).

This is our current state. Halfway waxed, tilted up, missing the counter and two legs 🤪. ( I had to shove it towards the living room so my hubby could sand floors). In its entirety it’s a representation of how I currently feel. A little off and not quite finished. Next week, I am hoping and praying I have a wonderful blog post to share about my newly painted, sanded, top coated floors and intact island! It’s going to be a busy weekend!

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