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One Room Challenge: Week 7

Woohoo!!! I can not believe we are finally in the homestretch of the ORC! At first it seemed like time was moving so slow. I had way more than enough time to complete the kitchen makeover. Boy was I wrong. Well... maybe I would not be so pressed for time if I would have stayed in the kitchen. It kinda spilled over into the Living Room and Hallway when I decided to paint the floors. Eek! Painted floors! Such a commitment, will I love it or hate it?

Our home has dark brown prefinished wood floors. They are not terrible, I have definitely seen and have had worse. However, they just made everything kind of dark and drab. If you have been following me for a while you know I like happy and colorful. So, painting the floors seemed the perfect solution. My husband also promised if I did not love it, we could just eventually sand, stain and start over.

We started in the kitchen/dining area. We sanded all the floors, vacummed up dust, then wiped down with a vinegar/water mixture. Next we painted a thin coat of my favorite Annie Sloan white chalk paint. The color is called Original.

Then we sanded. I was trying to decide on what level of distress I wanted. Our home consists of 4 kids and 3 dogs. Natural distress is bound to occur and I wanted to go ahead and start the process intentionally. I sanded, and sanded some more.

The next morning, I saw my error. It was NOT a good look. Thankfully, it was only this small space. Going forward, I did 2 thin coats, let dry, then LIGHTLY sanded the floors. My husband came in behind me and vacuumed and applied 2 coats of a water based poly top coat.

We continued this process on through to the living room, foyer and hallway.

It took a total of 3 days, on and off. Moving furniture and waiting for kiddos to go to bed. BUT we did finish and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. The creamy white floors have brightened my home so much. I’m so happy with our choice, it was definitely the right design decision for our kitchen and home.

Did you get a sneak of my painting for the pantry hallway? It’s literally tying all my colors together and its so cheerful. It will be getting a frame and hung this weekend.

That’s it for Week 7! Can’t wait to reveal the entire space next week. In the meantime I’m going to go check out the other super talented participants and their progress. You can to, just click here.

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