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ORC Spring 2021: Sunroom Transformation/ Week One

Hi! I’m so glad you are here. If you are new; I’m Courtney, wife, mom, and self proclaimed color enthusiast. I’m so glad you have found my blog and Instagram.

Once again it’s that time of year. In all honesty, it’s becoming my favorite time of year. What time of year is it you ask? One Room Challenge time of year! For those of you who do not know, the ORC is a biannual event every April and October. Each round, Guest Participants (me) take the challenge and transform a space in 8 weeks. Every Thursday I will be posting my progress and updates.

This will be my 3rd challenge. You can read about my first challenge here and my second here. Every challenge has been hard work but SO worth it. Completing a room in 6-8 weeks is challenging, and fun. You set a goal and make it happen.

This year, I will be doing my biggest challenge yet! My husband and I plan on tackling our back sunroom. This room, I’m embarrassed to admit has become our ”project room”. It has become the art studio, the storage room, the junk room, the COMPLETE MESS room to put it more plainly. This is the space. Can you believe the chaos?

It’s a fantastic space, a huge long room with lots of natural light. However, it has horrible dated tile floors, a huge ugly ceiling with one light, a row of storage cabinets that don’t really do anything but get in the way. It has become the ever changing room to “catch all” for my projects. It needs a transformation!

This Spring in only 8 weeks, we are going to transform this space. To say I’m excited is an understatement. Look at it! EEEK it’s a nightmare!

We will be putting a wall up at the far end, to make the room smaller and have room on the other side for a REAL art/project room. (That room will be a project in the fall). New gorgeous tile floor will be laid, wallpaper hung, window grids, and lighting will all be installed. In the end we will have a dining area for 8 and a living area with plenty of seating. Did I mention this was a sunroom? Let’s not forget about the plants. I’m planning on filling the space with beautiful greenery.

That's it for now! Follow along to see the transformation. I have some lovely things planned and can’t wait to share them with you. Be sure to hop on over to the ORC here and take a look at all the other participants and their room plans. It’s going to be a great Spring Challenge this year!!

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1 Comment

May 07, 2021

Love all the color. I used to have those same chairs in just that color and they made me so happy... Excited to see it all come together!

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