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ORC: Week 2 Sunroom Progress

Happy 2nd week of the One Room Challenge! It was a productive week, just not a pretty week. In a perfect world, I’d like to just fast forward to the finished room and show you all my pretty things I’ve picked out. However, that’s not how this works. So here goes, the not so pretty but necessary stuff. Okay, one pretty thing at the end.😉

My husband and I got all the existing tile and vinyl ripped out. We decided were to install our new wall and got to work!

Why a wall you ask? Who wants to make a room smaller? Us! The room is extremely long. It is the length of our entire house. It has never felt cozy or connected. It has always been this really long awkward space. In the past, I’ve rearranged and rearranged furniture a thousand times and it just never felt right. My daughter, yes, my 9 year old daughter suggested making it two rooms. Brilliant! (She was sitting in the room listening to us discuss things. I think we have a future designer in the family). My husband and I loved the idea. So we went with it.

With dividing the existing space (we have made ourselves another project on the other side of the wall) and given ourselves a much more workable family friendly room for this current project.

So interesting tidbit. The day my husband went to Home Depot to get drywall they were out of 1/2”! Can you believe it? We are on a schedule, so he ended up getting green board for the same price as 1/2” drywall. So if you are curious why our walls are green instead of normal drywall color there you have it!

Wall went up, drywall installed, walls were primed, ceiling painted. We also managed to get recessed downlights installed.

So...last but not least, here is my favorite part. You know I love the design/decor part. In my original design plan, I had this amazing funky colorful chandelier picked out from one of my favorite companies. However, it just did not fit into the budget this year. Prices on so many building supplies have gone up because of the pandemic. In short, my indulgent chandelier had to be vetoed for wood. So, as I was out thrifting at one of my favorite places (ReStore), I discovered this really large ugly chandelier. But, the more I looked at it, the more I started seeing Dorothy Draper (designer extraordinaire). It reminded me of her fabulous modern baroque white plaster chandeliers. So, for $25 I picked up this curvy and dated brown chandelier. I transformed it with spray paint (I tried a few colors) and I have to say, I absolutely am thrilled with it. The bold, bright orange color gave it that modern touch it needed. I think Dorothy would be proud.

That’s all for today! Head on over to the ORC site to see what the other designers did this week!

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I love when the hard work is done and the fun of putting it back together begins. Looks like you are well on your way.



I’ve been waiting all week for this! You all made so much progress. Well done! And the chandelier is spectacular!

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