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ORC: We Tackle the Floors (aka Week 3)

Time is flying by! It’s already week 3 of the One Room Challenge! For my space it is TILE week! Today is Thursday and I’m hoping by Saturday my room will be completely tiled and grouted!

Have I shared with you my beautiful tile? It is called Manhattan Mercury and it was graciously gifted to me from The Tile Store.

It is a gorgeous porcelain tile that looks like wood parquet floors. How amazing it that?? It is perfect for my multipurpose sunroom. I shared in a previous post that the existing floor was linoleum from the 1960's, then tiled over in the 1990's with a very unattractive tile. So our first order of business was tearing all that mess up.

My wonderful husband ripped up all the tile and the linoleum. The backing of the linoleum was well adhered to the concrete floor, so we did not remove that (we tried). We then painted the floor with this primer.

We just rolled it on and let dry.

Then using a notched trowel we applied a wet thin set. After applying the thin set, we laid Blanke Permat mats. Permat is an engineered underlayment that saves lots of time, it allows you to be able to lay your tile directly over concrete floor. Therefore, eliminating the need of plywood and backer board.

We finished installing the Permat so time for tile installation. Finally, something fun! Once again, with the trowel, you fill the cavities of the Permat underlayment with thin set mortar. Then using enough mortar for our tile - TILE. Woohoo!

That is were we are, laying the tile. Work is still in progress as I type. We will finish this up then grout. Next week I will have a finished floor photo for you! In the meantime hop on over to the ORC page and see what all the other participants are up to this week.


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