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Wallpaper Made The Room

I must confess; I love wallpaper. It’s beautiful and colorful. Am I obsessed? Maybe. Could I wallpaper every room in my house? Probably. Will I wallpaper every room in the house? No.

BUT... I will wallpaper my kitchen backsplash, entry foyer, bathroom, a wall in my bedroom AND most recently my Dining Room. To be exact, one wall above the wainscoting. Just a small wall, to stand out and be a focal point for the room.

I know some people do not like ONE wallpapered wall. My mom does not. It’s not her “thing”. She would never do it in her home. Her home her aesthetic. So if you are reading this, and also are a no-go one wallpapered wall kinda person, thats okay, your home your aesthetic.

HOWEVER, for me it’s a totally different. I look at wallpaper as art. Something to bring interest to a space. A piece of design to draw you in. A layering of patterns and colors. Just like picking out a piece of art, I try to be very selective of what wallpaper I choose and how it works in my space. However, also like picking out a piece of art, you should choose what you love and makes you happy. My most recent adventures in wallpapering was wallpapering the wall behind my china cabinet. I chose one of my favorite prints ever.

It’s from G P & J Baker and it’s called Nympheus. It was created exclusively for G P & J Baker by textile designer William Turner in 1915.

Turner was inspired to create this pattern from a painting from the Ming dynasty (15th – 16th century) that was on display in the British Museum. This pattern is classic but fresh.

I think it‘s just perfect. It pairs so fabulously with my collection of blue and white. The room is finally complete.

It’s safe to say, wallpaper made the room!

*Thanks to Wallpaper Direct for gifting the wallpaper.

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