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One Room Challenge: Week 3

Hello! If you are just now finding me through the One Room Challenge, I’m so glad you are here. My name is Courtney and welcome to my colorful home. The room I am tackling is the kitchen. It is the heart of the home. In my house its quite literally in the center of my home. Therefore, it needs to be charming and comfortable wouldn't you say? My goal is to do a kitchen makeover under $1500. Think I can do it?? Follow along and find out.

Wow. How has 3 weeks gone by already?? Some days I feel like time stands still, other days it flies by. I think whenever you have a deadline the pressure is on. You always have a task, problems arise, life happens, kids and dogs interrupt, you have to pause, then resume and so the cycle goes. Let me be honest, I started on this blog post yesterday afternoon, and I am just finishing at 11pm tonight. I obviously get interrupted lots. So without further ado, I’ll just dive into my week 3 of the One Room Challenge.

We moved into our 1960s home 3 years ago. It had great potential but needed lots of TLC. The kitchen wasn’t entirely bad, it did have (newer) off white cabinets, we bought appliances, built a range hood and island. This year we get to do the fun stuff. Adding color!! Color is one of my favorite things. It makes me smile and adds so much visual interest to a space. Last week I shared our new and improved green range hood and my scandinavian inspired ivy wallpaper. This week I’m sharing my farmhouse sink, custom built cabinet doors and butcher block counter top.

Lets start off with the gross gray speckled composite counter top we had.

The sink was molded into it. All one piece, very special. My hubby ripped that off and installed very cost effective butcher block counter tops. My dream counter top is a beautiful white marble. That is definitely not budget friendly, so next best thing; indestructible butcher block. We used a white wash stain and sealed it with a water based poly.

Next, the SINK. I had been looking online for a farmhouse sink for several weeks. Trying to find the best price but not sacrificing quality. Low and behold on a quick Lowes trip to pick up some much needed supplies my husband came back with a gorgeous "open box" special. A fabulous 33" Under mount Apron Front/Farmhouse Kitchen sink $499 down to $250! Seriously, an answer to my prayers. Now all that was left to do was cut the existing cabinet base to fit the sink. My self-taught jack of all trades hubby was the man for the job. Have I told you how lucky I am to have him?

He took the existing 36" cabinet, removed the top, built the platform for the farmhouse sink. This created a problem with the doors. Because now the sink is in, the doors don't fit. BUT we totally knew this and I already had a sketch for him of what I wanted!

Off to the garage he went, to figure out the math and angles of my lattice cabinet doors. He deconstructed our existing doors, broke them down and totally rebuilt them. I seriously don't know how to explain what he did, totally clueless. Here is a photo, hope that explains it all (insert laugh emoji here). Seems very complicated and confusing to me. Again, let me say... I am so happy to have this guy. Once all that was measured, cut, nailed, glued and installed. It was time to paint. As with the range hood, I used my favorite color green and finished with a dark wax. That is it for week 3 of ORC! Easy Peasy! Don't forget to go check out the other great participants and their fabulous rooms! Find them here.


Butcher Block Counter top

Superior Sinks Brand Farmhouse Sink

Amy Howard Paint in Easy Street

Annie Sloan dark wax

We reused:

Faucet, and hardware

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1 Comment

Jun 05, 2020

It looks so good!! I'm loving the lattice doors. Can I inquire as to where you purchased your lantern light fixture??

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