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Week 3 ORC: Construction

It is going on week 3 of the One Room Challenge. I have nothing fun to show. I have THIS.

That is all; super boring. Currently, an empty shell of a room. I have taken for granted how much prep work goes into creating a bathroom that did not exist before. Yesterday my hubby purchased all the plumbing supplies and the rest of the lumbar needed. While he was out doing that, I was on the search for a cabinet we could make into a vanity. I originally wanted to have something very similar to this OOMPH vanity. I wanted to custom make a vanity with a scalloped skirt across the front.

Then I found this piece. I am a sucker for anything that is wood with carved flowers.

I feel instantly in love and promptly painted it green.

HOWEVER, once we actually laid out the space in the bathroom it became clear the cabinet was too large.

Hence, thrifting and antiquing yesterday for the perfect piece. I looked for a sturdy piece, with some character and no bigger than 30" width. Here are some of the possibilities:

Dorothy Draper inspired chest. I think this one could be so cute painted blue with white or gold accents.

This one is just a traditional side table that I think could work adorable as a vanity too.

Last find of the day was this wonderful chinoiserie chest. I love the hardware. I honestly think all 3 of these could work painted a bold color, topped with the blue and white vessel sink. To be honest, I am still leaning towards my husband making the custom vanity with scallops. So who knows. In a couple more weeks you can see what I decide. That's all for today. Head over to the ORC page and see what else the other participants have been up to!

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1 Comment

Veronica Anderson
Apr 24, 2022

Ugh! It’s a crime the green cabinet didn’t work. I honestly believe it’s the prettiest bathroom combo I’ve ever seen. 😢💚💙

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