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Week 4 ORC: Floors and Wallpaper

I can not believe it is already WEEK 4 of the One Room Challenge. This apparently marks the week I am a procrastinator and can’t seem to get a blog posted. I left off on last weeks blog post “almost” finishing the tile floor. We finished! Praise the Lord! I just could not find the time to slow down and write about the process. However, here I am now, and ready to share!

The floors. The FLOORS! They are beautiful and even better than I imagined. Thank you to the The Tile Shop for partnering with me. These gorgeous faux wood porcelain tiles are stunning. They are huge; measuring in at 24”x24” they make a statement. All the while still subtle and soft in appearance. Their gorgeous warm grey color provides the perfect foundation for the entire room.

Tuesday we worked late into the night getting the grout in between the tiles and then washing the residue off. I will never take for granted the hard work that goes into tile installation!

So... when did we wallpaper you ask?? Want to hear the craziest thing? My darling husband wanted a break from “tile work” so after the tile was laid (not grouted) he decided to hang wallpaper. I of course, was totally game for that! To see the wallpaper that I have drooled over months on the wall? Yes, please! The wallpaper I selected is called Magnolia (by GP&J Baker) it’s available for purchase from Wallpaper Direct.

To be more efficient we laid the paper all out on the floor, measured and precut the strips. (In case you are wondering 3 strips is 1 (one) double roll! Wallpaper does not go as far as you think. My advice is always to measure, and re-measure to ensure you have purchased the correct amount.

Installation went pretty quickly after this. Wall was already primed, all that was left was to roll on glue and apply the wallpaper.

If you want to see the installation in it’s entirety click here. It’s a pretty fun video to watch.

Wallpaper completed, the next 2 days we finished grout and that wrapped up our week! Yes, a little backward and hectic, but that’s how we work around here.

Next week we will be tackling baseboards and some painted furniture!

Be sure to check out the other participants and their rooms on the ORC website. I’m headed that way now!




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1 Comment

May 30, 2021

Wow! That wallpaper is stunning! You all did a fantastic job installing it. I look forward to seeing the finished look!

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