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Week 6 ORC:Progress Report

It is week 6 of the One Room Challenge. It is serious crunch time. It’s very reminiscent of college finals week for me. I was the student that crammed all my studying in on Sunday night. Ok, it’s not that bad. Plus, we have been working on the space diligently since Week 1. It just has been a lot of work. In case you forgot let me give you a quick rundown of the space. It’s actually one room turned into 2. Here is where we started:

One very sad laundry room. Brown tile, dingy walls, no organization. Just a really poor excuse of a room. I was seriously embarrassed if the door was ever left open and a guest caught a glimpse. Fast forward to demo:

My husband ripped out the 2 closets, the tile and the existing door to the garage. I know that’s sounds strange; removing the door to the garage. Don’t worry, we are moving the washer/dryer and entrance to garage to the room directly behind this space. (Project for the Fall).

(Try not to focus on the mess). Doorway created for entrance into future laundry room, and studs up to divide the space into a full bath and a mudroom.

Before we could even begin plumbing for the new bath, we had to repair plumbing from the bathroom upstairs. My husband says, ”everytime we open a wall/ceiling up in this house something needs repair”. I’m just thankful he sees a problem and can make it right.

I realize I am so blessed to have this guy. Plus, he’s pretty cute too. After, all the repairs were made, he started on the bathroom plumbing and hanging drywall.

Yay! Finally the space is beginning to look like 2 rooms. A full bath and a mudroom that will have a custom built- in designated to hold all the backpacks and shoes (we have 4 kids).

Which brings me to this. I scored this beauty off Facebook marketplace. It is an antique knock down wardrobe. It has gorgeous carvings and an old beveled mirror. We are going to build around it. Bench seats, bead board, cubbies for shoes, hooks for backpacks.

This week involved figuring out the logistics of that. Today involved choosing a paint color for this built in and trying it out. Blue for the win.

That’s all I got folks. You will have to wait till next week to see what else evolves. In the meantime head over to the ORC site and check out what the other participants are up to.


Blue Paint: (gifted) from Velvet Finishes. The color is called Handsome.

Wallpaper: (gifted) Wallpaper Direct

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