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Whimsical Bedroom

Happy September! It’s been a while since I’ve written a post. Summer was full of kids, family, lake time and projects. Projects… they seem to never end around here. A couple of months ago we made the decision to switch kids bedrooms. We have 4 kids and 4 bedrooms upstairs. One bedroom was the original primary bedroom. Meaning it’s larger than the others. I originally thought my daughter should have this bedroom. (She is the only girl, with 3 brothers). However, she is 9, and her 16 year old brother DESPERATELY wanted a larger space. So, we chose to switch rooms. Her brother gets her old room, she moves to her little brothers room, and her little brother moves to big brothers room. (Middle son, stays in his room with no changes). Have I lost you yet? So… 3 bedroom redos are on the calender for Fall!

We have one completed and 2 to go! We wrapped up Stella’s bedroom this week. Here is the BEFORE photo. This is was what the room looked like as our youngest kiddos room. (He never sleeps in here, so we have big plans for a big boy room. Hopefully, that will entice him to stay all night in his room).

Below is 2 photos of Stella’s room before. The one on the left when we first moved in, the one in the middle when we redid it 2 years ago, and the last one on the right is the new room. The bed and chandelier remains the same thru all transitions!

My main goal was to create an uncluttered, vibrant, whimsical and colorful space. I chose this wallpaper from the super cool brand Wear the Walls. (Wallpaper Direct kindly gifted me the paper). It became my inspiration for the entire room.

It truly is magical, it has an assortment of flowers and red mushrooms. It is also vaguely similiar to this Gucci wallpaper that I adore.

So this is a SCORE! A beautiful wallpaper for half the price of the Gucci pattern. To be honest, I like THIS pattern so much better. It goes that extra whimsy mile to add the touches of the red toad stool mushrooms and the green in the leaves are just perfect. Its darling don’t you think?

We painted the walls and trim (see sources for colors), hung the wallpaper and painted the floor.

We painted our entire 1st floor floors last year, and we are working on getting the 2nd floor completed. Our second level does not have real hardwoods, they are a faux wood made from vinyl. So we had to tackle them with a slightly different approach. We wanted to ensure the paint would stick and be resilient. We first lightly sanded the area, then put 1 coat of Glidden Gripper. Then we finished it off 2 coats of Swiss Coffee in COMMAND from Benjamin Moore. (COMMAND is an extremely durable single-component, multi-substrate solution. It is a waterborne acrylic urethane enamel also provides adhesion and abrasion resistance). Perfect for painting floors!

We then moved in the furniture. We actually used everything we already owned. However, I did have one “splurge”. I purchased a $35 mirror from an estate sale. It’s this wonderfully detailed unique carved piece. It was just begging for a paint job, so I painted it to match the dresser.

Her dresser was mine from when I was a little girl. I has been oak for many years, but received a refresh with some Annie Sloan paint and acrylic Master's Touch paint.

The bed and armoire was purchased 23 years ago, a few months before we got married. It was the furniture in our first apartment! I can’t believe we slept in a full size bed. Things you do when you‘re young, in love and 4 sizes smaller. LOL.

The rug is a gorgeous Bari J. rug that Loloi rugs gifted me, that I previously used in our living room. It is so much better in this space!

The most special thing in the room, is a painting I did. I created an original piece of art unique for the space. I’m wishfully thinking it will be considered a family heirloom one day. I love to think about my daughter passing it to her daughter and who knows, maybe it will hang in my great granddaughters room one day.

That’s it! Room completed ✅. See below for sources and more photos. I’d love to hear your questions or thoughts in the comments. Let me know what you think!


Wallpaper: Bloom Wallpaper Direct


Walls:Tissue Pink Benjamin Moore

Floors and Trim: Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore

Rug: Bloom Wild Bari J. Loloi

Bedskirt: Pottery Barn Kids

Quilt/Comforter/Sheets : Target

*All other items were previously owned, or thrifted.

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Nov 11, 2023

I just found this post today on Pinterest. WHAT a darling, amazing room! I just adore everything!


Mar 27, 2023

Beautiful! I would like to know more about the lamp as well.


Emily Anne
Emily Anne
Mar 24, 2023

This room is darling!! Where is that lily of the valley lamp from?

Courtney Wafzig
Courtney Wafzig
Mar 28, 2023
Replying to

It is just a sculpture a friend found for me at a Thrift shop!:)


Jan 11, 2023

Omg that Lily of the Valley lamp! What an incredible room. ♥️


Bettsi Ledesma
Bettsi Ledesma
Nov 19, 2021

Stella is a lucky girl! I would happily sleep in that magical space. Your artwork is gorgeous! Where did the beautiful flower lamp on the dresser come from?

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