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Fabulous Lighting

Today I have something new to share. You guessed it. That fantabulous sconce pictured above. (Fantabulous is totally a word).

You know how when you are a kid, you circled that one item in the catalog you longed for? Well, light fixtures are my thing in adulthood. I love lighting, but not any lighting. I love any chandelier, sconce, lamp that has a whimsical almost fairytale like vibe. I search and hunt for light fixtures and collect them as pieces of art. I move them from house to house and room to room as you would a piece of artwork.

Antique Tole Light in Dining Area

Same fixture moved to bedroom

I have several beautiful lights I have collected throughout the years. They just don’t make lighting like they used to. Or do they...??

Let me introduce you to a company called Stray Dog Designs. As far as I can find, they are the only whimsical, wonderful lighting company around. Everyone of their designs are creative and comes in a range of bold vibrant colors. I am luckily enough to have just installed these sconces in my ORC space (if you are not familiar with the One Room Challenge read about it here). Because of the pandemic, I was delayed in receiving these beauties and was not able to include them in my final room reveal. BUT here they are now, and aren’t they wonderful?

So...if you are scouring estate sales, staying up late on Etsy or Ebay looking for lighting that has a sense of nostalgia, color and originality then look no further. Stray Dog Designs has you covered my friend. I am beyond impressed with the craftsmanship and detail of the lights. Did you notice the cute shades? Same company. Go check them out, then start circling your must haves.

Here are a few more of my favs from Stray Dog Designs:

I think lighting is so important. It’s the finishing accessory that can make a good room a GREAT room!


Lighting: Stray Dog Designs (gifted)

Wallpaper: Woodchip and Magnolia

Paint: Benjamin Moore (Swiss Coffee)

Amy Howard (Holey Moley)

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Courtney Wafzig
Courtney Wafzig

They have gorgeous lighting!



Oh my heavens... I visited the site and their light fixtures are gorgeous!! I saw a few I'd love to have... and the ones you chose are absolutely perfect for your home

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