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Fall 2020 One Room Challenge - Bathroom Reveal by Zig&Co

Today is the day! I am so thrilled to finally REVEAL my ORC bathroom renovation. If you are new here, the ORC or (One Room Challenge) is a bi-annual event where bloggers and instagrammers participate to transform a space in their home. The challenge lasts 6 weeks then the big Reveal! You can see my progress from week to week on the posts below:

Before Photo... After Photos...

This challenge I was inspired by COLOR. (Some may point out I’m always inspired by color). I love to mix bold colors and patterns with a touch of whimsy. The whole room was designed around the butterfly wallpaper. However, I did not want the wallpaper to overpower the small space. So we decided to do a board and batten wall about 5' up. This served two purposes, aesthetic and function.

I originally did not plan on tile, I was going to keep our existing ivory floor tile and add a black and white buffalo check rug. However, when I was presented with this amazing checked floor tile from The Tile Shop it was meant to be. This tile was so much better than I could ever imagine. It was made for this space.

The next thing, that makes this space so incredible is the freestanding tub and faucet from Signature Hardware. The tub is black on the outside and white on the inside. When you look at it from just the right angle you can see the reflection of the tile.

It truly ties the space together and has stolen some of the attention away from those beloved butterflies.

We chose to keep our original vanity. My husband custom made it a few years ago. It is a solid piece, just needed a splash of color. I definitely gave it more of a "drench", than a splash. Painted in a sunny golden yellow we then added a few trim pieces and viola! new and improved vanity. The mirror I painted to match, along with a special butterfly inset panel. This mirror has seriously turned into one of my favorite possessions.

That wraps it up. Boring brown bathroom turned into a colorful retreat. I’m beyond ecstatic with our end product. I love our new bathroom!

I want to thank Linda Weinstein and the whole ORC team who organize this event in collaboration with Better Homes and Gardens. I’m thankful for this challenge and the fun distraction it provided to what was going on in our world with politics and Covid-19. The 6 weeks seemed to fly by. It allowed my husband and I to work side by side and create something useful, and beautiful. Bonus we have an amazing new space just in time for the Holidays.

Don't forget to go the official site of and view all the other participants rooms. It is a visual treat to see all the transformed spaces!


Tile (gifted) / Tub (gifted) / Faucet (gifted) / Wallpaper -Lepidoptera Willow Green Wallpaper

Paint (Swiss Coffee-Benjamin Moore) / Vanity paint (Holey Moley-Amy Howard)

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Dec 08, 2020

It’s so nice to see a house with colour Instead of beige or gray.

I’m new to your blog and might hAve missed it but do you have a post about your blue and white collection? I’ve never seen such a big one. I collect too and I’m in awe of yours. Thank you


Nov 23, 2020

Holey Moley it’s fabulous!


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