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One Room Challenge: WEEK 4 The Floor

Holy Moly, how is it week 4 of the ORC? If you are new here a quick recap: the One Room Challenge (ORC) is a biannual event every April and October. Each round, Featured Designers and Guest Participants (me), transform a space. The participants document their process, over six weekly posts. Then have a final reveal. We are almost to the finish line!

This challenge my husband and I are tackling our first floor bathroom. Just to remind you what it looked like. Here is a before photo.

We started with a pretty bland space as you can see. We have taken everything out and plan on giving it a colorful makeover. This week we put up the wallpaper. I shared all about this gorgeous paper here. Those butterflies are beautiful, but a littler trying to get in a pattern. We succeeded though! My hubby is a champ, plus the laser level came in pretty handy. Thank goodness for tools.

As you can see we only did half the wall. When the tile is fully installed we are putting up a board and batten wall. (More to come on that next week). For now we are focusing on the floor. We did not rip out our existing tile floor. What!?? Yes, you read that correctly. Under different circumstances we most certainly would rip out an existing floor. However, this bathroom floor was not flush with our hardwood floor in the adjoining space. Not sure why this was, but whatever the reason it has allowed us to go straight over the tile. We are able to do this with a product called Blanke Permat Underlayment System.

First, we thoroughly cleaned the existing tile. Next, we applied a primer. The primer is MAPEI EcoPrim Grip.

This primer promotes better adhesion for tile over tile installation. We gave it a good 2 coats of thick primer. After, we applied the primer, we then laid out and cut the Permat to fit our space.

We then gathered the Permat sheets back up, applied thinset, and laid them back down, per specfications of the product. Then we were ready to lay the tile. (The exciting part).

Which is where we are at this evening as I am writing this. My hubby is trying his best to keep all those lines straight. I think he is doing a superb job.

This will dry overnight, we will clean the tile and grout joints, then grout tomorrow! Woohoo! This has been a productive exhausting day. I can not wait to show you the finished floor on Instagram in a day or two. I will definitely be sharing on next weeks blog post. So be sure to continue to follow along.

Before you go, be sure to check out the other participants of the ORC here. So many spaces being transformed!


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