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ORC: Week 5 “Paint it Blue”

Holy Cow, how is it week 5 of the One Room Challenge?! We are rolling along and my room is coming together. This week was a “light” work week. My family took a mini vacation to the lake, so the only thing that I really finished was giving this console a colorful makeover.

I purchased this piece a few weeks ago from an estate sale. I loved it at first sight. The big brass pulls and the chinoiserie flair had my name written all over it.

For a split second, I thought I wanted it painted green. (So I started painting it green). However, I do have lots of green in this room already. So... I had my hubby wheel it back into the room, I needed to see it in the space. I decided on blue. Amy Howard had sent me this gorgeous blue color that I used on my parents bathroom vanity (see blog post here). It’s called “Good Day Sunshine”.

It’s a beautiful soft blue and it’s beginning to be my new favorite color. If you haven’t painted with Amy Howard paint you should. The paint sticks to surfaces so well, so painting this piece was a breeze. I removed all the hardware, and gave it 2 good coats, then finished it with a light wax.

Thats it, for this week. Next week I have painting baseboards and trim on the agenda. I’m heading over to the ORC blog right now to check out what all the other participants accomplished this week!

I highly suggest you do the same! Happy Saturday friends!

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Jun 09, 2021

That color blue is amazing! Love the artwork perched on top too!


Jun 07, 2021

such a happy color!

green would've been my first choice too but that blue...absolute perfection!


Jun 06, 2021

It is such a pretty color! I love it!


Jun 06, 2021

Nice color!! It's going to look great with your decor style!!


Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Jun 06, 2021

This looks amazing and I just ordered some Amy Howard paint to tackle an old dull nightstand. Can’t wait to try it! Tell me more about that art work because I love it so much 🎨🥀😍

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